ZMassWalls brings a unique and forward-looking commitment to the insulated concrete wall panel industry.

From our precision design systems to our next-generation factory automation; from our corporate culture to our customer dedication, ZMassWalls is wholly committed to ensuring that the building industry enjoy every opportunity to enjoy the immense number of benefits associated with this technology.

ZMassWalls is unique in a number of ways, including:

Energy Analysis

Computer-generated modeling offers a good baseline for estimating likely energy consumption for a given project. But these systems usually are limited by variations in climate and an absence of tangible data.

ZMassWalls offers decades of energy modeling experience and, most important, actual project testing data, to more accurately gauge true energy consumption.

Design Software

ZMassWalls’ proprietary AutoCAD-based design software is available to designers and design firms that are interested in becoming part of the ZMassWalls Network of Professionals. Please contact us to learn more.

Design & Engineering Support

Our team of dedicated designers and structural engineers are available to assist with design, engineering, and product integration to assure our products are easy to use and your experience with our firm is enjoyable.

ZMassWalls’ innovating advancements allow for a very diverse use of our wall system products. From simple residential floor plans to high-rise buildings, we offer a solution for you achieve the most efficient building possible.

About ZMass Walls

ZMassWalls provides state-of-the-art, computer-automated production of proprietary insulated concrete wall systems for residential and commercial construction.

Our wall panels are specifically designed to store and release energy, creating a net-zero effect within the wall, while also providing disaster resistance, durability, and affordability.

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ZMassWalls' insulated concrete wall panels are available nationwide. Please contact us for more information.