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non-composite insulated concrete panel

Non-Composite Panels

These Insulated concrete sandwich panels are comprised of two wythes or layers of concrete tied together together with an integral layer of rigid insulation that yet allows the layers to function independently of one another. The interior layer is typically the structural element and the other is an architectural wythe.

This independent behavior eliminates the thermal bowing present in structurally composite panels and provides a wall system that is not affected by significant temperature differentials between interior conditioned space and the outdoor environment.

composite insulated concrete wall panel

Composite Panels

Composite insulated panels are designed to create a structurally-composite concrete sandwich wall that is unique in that it forces the two wythes or layers of concrete to act together structurally, creating a much thinner panel.

Whereas traditional composite sandwich wall panels utilized metal connectors or solid sections of concrete to develop composite action, Zero Energy Systems optimizes insulation coverage and composite action, providing designers the highest level of insulation value in a composite panel.

cladding panel

Cladding Panels

Insulated concrete cladding panels are different than our structural panels above in that they are attached to a steel building frame. However, they offer the same thermal and durability advantages of normal structural panels.

About ZMass Walls

ZMassWalls provides state-of-the-art, computer-automated production of proprietary insulated concrete wall systems for residential and commercial construction.

Our wall panels are specifically designed to store and release energy, creating a net-zero effect within the wall, while also providing disaster resistance, durability, and affordability.

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